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What are the signs its time to change jobs. 12 Clear-Cut Signs It’s Time For You To Change Jobs

  • May 22, 2020
  •  Written by Ken
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When Sunday evening rolls around, how are you feeling about work the next day? Are you indifferent, or does the idea of sitting down in that office fill you with feelings of stress or dread? When is the last time you felt valued for what you contribute? Do you find yourself complaining regularly to co-workers or friends about job frustrations?

While you know that some weeks on the job are easier than others, you may find yourself wondering whether what you’re doing is right or if it’s time to find something else to do. Of course, changing jobs carries its own risks and hassles. So how do you distinguish between when you just need a little time to unwind and when it’s time to start seriously looking for other positions?

1. Are You Learning, Adding Value And Having Fun? 

There are three questions I ask clients when they wonder if it is time for change. Are you learning? Are you adding value? Are you having fun? If the answer to just one of these questions is no, your brain and heart are telling you that now is the opportune time to stop and think about why, as well as what actions you need to take get back to “yes” again. Change.  

2. You Don’t Feel Valued

When you don’t feel your input is valued, then your work can become less fulfilling. These two issues are clear signs it’s time to make a change in your present situation. One of the underlying components of healthy relationships is about being appreciated. If you do not feel your contributions at work are important, recognized, and respected, you might want to consider moving on.  

3. Look At Your ROI 

There is a curve we get on when we start a particular job or career: our contribution over time. It should continue to trend up. There is a point in every job and career when that contribution can start to trend downward. It can be a loss of passion, interest or engagement. Whether it occurs at year one or at 20 years, if it continues to trend downward, it is time to transition. – Maureen CunninghamUp Until Now Inc. 

4. Negative Feelings Are Becoming More Common 

If you find yourself complaining, feeling negative or most often focused on what’s not working, then it’s a sure sign it’s time to consider a change. Here’s why: If you stay, feel underappreciated, underpaid and undervalued, those negative feelings will expand and impact your performance, relationships and reputation. Get clear on your next move, take steps towards it and focus on your future. – Gina GomezGina Gomez, Business & Life Coach 

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5. You Find You’re Asking ‘Is This All There Is?’ 

At midlife, many ask “Is this all there is?” If you’re always dreaming about that “thing,” it might be time to explore it. There may be negatives that push you out of your career — being undervalued, hating your work — but there is also a pull towards something else. This is the anticipation of regret. If there’s something out there you’ll regret never exploring, it’s time to think about it. – Jessica SweetWishingwell Coaching 

6. Your Health Is Suffering 

If you are dealing with a health issue and it is clearly not because of work stress, I get that. However, I coach executives in career shifts and changes, and it is shocking how often after they transition to a better opportunity that their physical and mental health improve. So watch the signs and try to connect your health to your job. Know when it is time for a change before your health suffers. – John M. O’ConnorCareer Pro Inc. 

7. It Feels Like ‘Work’ 

If it no longer brings you joy, and you often find yourself thinking about making a change, then it may be time to make a transition. Those who enjoy their careers don’t dwell on the fact that it’s “work.” They enjoy the challenge it brings and are satisfied to a point where most days it doesn’t feel like work. – Kimberly BuchananThe Buchanan Group – Professional Coaching and Project Management 

8. Advancement Doesn’t Seem Likely

If you have been in the same position with no sign of advancement for three or more years, it may be time to take a look at available positions elsewhere. First, evaluate your current position accomplishments and any contract obligations that may restrict a transition. Then, check the marketplace for positions. Even if you don’t make a move now, it’s a good thing to know what options are available. – Deborah HightowerDeborah Hightower, Inc. 

9. You Feel Like You’re Wasting Your Time 

It’s time to move on if you find yourself feeling that you are not operating at your fullest potential and that your life is passing you by. Also, if you are indifferent to your job, then it’s time to reinvigorate your passions to find a way to marry what you have to do and what you want to do. It will take time, effort, and execution of a sound strategy to make the transition a reality. – Niya AllenResume Newbie 

10. You’re More Often Unhappy Than Satisfied

It’s tough to find someone who loves their career 100% of the time. Everyone knows there are ups and downs, good days and bad days. When your unhappiness tips the scales, and you find you are dissatisfied more than not — then its time to consider a career pivot. – Virginia FrancoVirginia Franco Resumes 

11. You Have A Toxic Boss Or Environment


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