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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure that your resume submission profile is complete.
  • Leaving blank menus when completing your profile will slow down recruiter activity when aligning your resume to an active job search.
  • Always indicate your geographical relocation preferences and/or indicate if you are willing to relocate.
  • Always annotate your minimum salary preferences.
  • When network recruiters conduct a search in the resume database to fill a job, they will use the job’s low and high-end salary for match purposes. For this reason, you should always annotate your minimum salary preferences.
  • Each time a network recruiter member conducts a search in the network resume database they type in base minimum salary, geographical state, skills, and title.
  • All resumes must have full name, address, state, city, zip-code, email, and phone number.
  • Identify each employer’s industry product made or service provided on your resume.
Recruiter types
  • Internal recruiters work direct for a specific employer and are paid a salary by that employer.
  • External recruiters are independent business professionals who provide candidate search services and have a structured placement fee agreement for a specific employer.
  • When a placement hire takes place then an invoice is sent to the employer.
  • Employers will dictate additional demands (wish list – perfect candidates) when utilizing external recruiters
Targeting a resume
  • Each job description is not only a list of routine duties and responsibilities with skill and education requirements, it is also a profile indicating problems and challenges that need to be solved by filling the position.
  • Take note of the key words and problems to be solved that are indicated in the job description.
  • Address the key words in the job description by speaking to those key word issues on your resume.
  • Target each job by modifying your resume to speaking specifically to the associated job description.
  • If you meet a dominate part of the key-words of a job description then consider submitting.
  • If you meet only a few key-word requirements and you are local to the job you may want to consider submitting.
  • If your recent base salary is very much out of alignment with the posted salary range of a position, then you should consider not applying. Much discussion has previously taken place about the budget for that position and the salary range. There will be little if any room for modification. However, that depends on the job type and location.
Red flag resumes
  • Career paths with many job movements and/or short job tenures of less than 3 years.
  • No dates identifying start and end times of each employer.
  • Not having a full name, city, state, zip-code, email, and phone number on a resume.
Active jobs
  • All recruiters have constant communication with their hiring managers on the status of an open job search.
  • Each job is open and active until the client hiring manager communicates to the recruiter that an offer has been made and accepted.
  • Sometimes hiring managers will ask a recruiter to stop conducting a search, because the pipeline of candidates is full. If all candidates in the pipeline fail the interview process then that job search is reactivated.
  • With several thousand nation-wide recruiter members new jobs are added daily.

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