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Tuesday’s Topics & Jobs in Nursing and Healthcare

  • Jan 26, 2021
  •  Written by Ken
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Topic: Follow the Jobs in HealthcareNursing JobsHospital Jobs / Physician Jobs

Intermediate and seasoned Healthcare professionals are targeting new jobs in Nursing, Hospital Specialist, Physicians Assistants, Physicians, and Hospital Administrative support staff such as Human Resources. With the recent growth of Healthcare jobs in the US, new jobs are requiring more knowledge, training, and time in school or the need to go back to school. Researchers are discovering new ways to provide healthcare due to new knowledge about the Microbiome (gut bacteria) and the bodies immunity for overall health and brain health. The Microbiome is still a new topic in certain schools but not in others.

The current global epidemic has also provided new discussions in supportive healthcare techniques for Nursing, PA’s and Physicians.

In the past the mainstream medical voices did not consistently discuss Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2/7, Zinc, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Quercetin, and Melatonin other than Doctor Oz on TV and Doctors who went back to school for another 2 years to become an Integrative Functional Medicine Doctor.

The Healthcare supportive care discussion and direction is changing more quickly than ever before and now involves the aforementioned terms.

Job search candidates in Nursing and Healthcare are asking, “Since healthcare jobs are growing due to the pandemic needs should I take a job at any local hospital?”


  • If you are just looking for entry level solid hands-on experience – the answer may be yes but only if it will grow and develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Will these local Nursing and Healthcare organizations be able to sustain a certain level of staff when the epidemic levels off?
  • Is the Hospital functioning in a financial way that my job will be safe after the leveling off of the current epidemic?

Nursing and Healthcare professionals are asking, “How can I find the high paying high salary jobs in Nursing and Healthcare?”


  • Location, location, location.
  • Consider this – with the hot locations you have higher cost of living – the math for your checkbook or the quality of life may not be in your favor.
  • What is the trade-off for good salaried Healthcare jobs – medium size towns where family safety, quality of life, and area culture is more in line with your short term and long-term personal goals and preferences

Nursing and Healthcare professionals are asking, “Where are the jobs in Nursing and the general Healthcare industry?”

Answer Jobs: 

Nursing and Healthcare professionals are asking, “What are some of the job titles for Healthcare Hospital jobs?”


  • Laboratory Hospital Director
  • Director of Care Management
  • Hospital Marketing Director
  • Infection Prevention
  • Director of Human Resources Healthcare
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Pharmacy Tech
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Medical Technologist
  • RN
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Physicist Radiation Oncology
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Polysomnography Tech
  • Surgeon
  • Medical Technologist

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