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Thursday’s Topics & Good Job Habits that equal Good Job Offers

  • Jan 29, 2021
  •  Written by Ken
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Good Job Habits that equal Good Job Offers from the Interview

Topic: What hiring managers are looking for – Good Job HabitsThat equal good Job Offers

Entry level, intermediate, and seasoned professionals who are engaged in a job search and targeting solid job offers need to be aware of what hiring managers are looking for.


Good job work habits show up in many ways such as your conversation during, before, and after the interview. The verbiage used before, during, and after the interview tells a story regarding your work values. Many interviewers who are extremely savvy like to have chats before the interview about your daily non-work routine related to what you enjoy or do not enjoy.

Your life philosophy and work habits show up in daily routines, such as you are the person who leaves your shopping cart in a parking space instead of returning the shopping cart to the proper storage location. Your job habit preferences also show up when speaking about your daily routine, such as complaining about the heat or the cold.

Those chat discussions are not direct questions about your job habits, but your answers tell the interviewer what they want to know.

When it comes to a real interview question, I love to ask, “What do you find most enjoyable and least enjoyable about your current and/or last job?”

The answers are a gold mind of information that identify where you fit and what type of work area allows you to succeed.

Other job habit questions are

  • “What were your accomplishments with your recent and previous jobs?”

Do your work accomplishments show good job habits and movement forward in the organization? Do you give others credit for those successes and/or blame others for your failures?

  • “What did you learn from your efforts that may have been successes or failures?”

Good job habits allow many to quantify what those accomplishments were and the results.

  • “What is your philosophy regarding good work habits?”

Be certain you know how to articulate your work core values.

Positive slogans such as:

 “If I’m not willing to be wrong, then I’m not willing to have a new idea.”

“When you do more than is required, then you will receive more than is expected.”

  • “What is your philosophy regarding leadership and productive work habits?”

This is the question defines how you lead others and how you engage with management and the pursuing results and/or accomplishments.

Do you lead others with no biases by identifying the content of their work and work outcome, as well as their character as a person or employer?

Employers want employees who can engender trust and confidence to lead or follow.

What is in Demand?

With the recent multi-year growth of manufacturing careers, IT and related cyber security, and healthcare jobs, good work habits and technical abilities are both in high demand for good jobs and job offers.

Who is in Demand?

If you are one of those potential employees who subscribe to solid and productive work habits, in addition to team work, ability to lead and follow, and communications that bring positive results, then you are in demand to capture one of those good job offers.

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In the willingness to fail, the extraordinary will often appear!!!

When you do more than is required you will receive more than is expected!

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