Design Manager

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: AZ92-2710635

$90000 to $120000 Per Year

Be part of a dynamic team, be a Design Manager or a Design Director. You will manage the design design team as well as the process, including space planning, programming, specifications, creative thinking, meet with manufacturers and increase product knowledge. You will be asked to provide KPI's and other measurable metrics needed to manage the design department. You will need to setup training for the current designers. You will have weekly meetings with the design department. You will be meeting with the customer and perform site visits to measure the facilities if needed. You will be working on a team needing to collaborate with cross-functional leaders and employees to share knowledge and improve outcomes. We re looking for a self starter and one who will be asked to be a working manager to an extent. Manage the team along with picking up the overflow when needed. You will meet with the sales team on a regular basis to go over the projects and update statuses. We are looking for a person to come in and offer ideas to build the best team in Arizona. The ownership gives you the freedom to implement ideas quickly. 


The ability to manage a team. Provide mentoring, coaching and build a strong results orientated team delivering the best deliverables possible. You need to develop and be able to work in a team environment, meet deadlines, develop a strong process to keep on track and deliver projects on time. Have strong verbal and written communication abilities. Problem solving will be important. As you work with the customer and team, you will be sharing ideas that improve the quality and speed of workflow. A strong knowledge of CET, AutoCAD, Giza, 2020 or any other software. We are a CET house delivering strong deliverables. You will be required to build the best Design team in Arizona. CET is our primary design software so a strong knowledge of CET and specifying furniture is a must.

Take our existing team and build on and institute new processes to have the team follow. Create measurable metrics and KPI's to ensure the design teams meeting expectations. You will meet with the team daily and weekly for project statuses, training and guidance. you will meet with the customer with or without sales support and help us close the business. We are looking for a person who can take on a challenge and succeed at building something great. We have a great team and we are looking to bring in a leader to provide the necessary guidance.

Show how to provide outstanding project and customer solutions exceeding the customers expectations to the team.
Show your team on how to gather programming information and requirements, develop conceptual design and block planning, provide ideas to the customer. Use your knowledge to help deliver the best product.
Continuing product research to increase product knowledge. Schedule manufacturers and manufacturer reps to come in and train the design team on new products and new requirements with codes.

Teach the team different software programs and to use your product knowledge to create a fantastic solution in CET for the customer.

Since this is a dual role, we need you to be a manager as well as a high level designer to show the team what is the right way of doing a deliverable.

You will need to specify products on most projects. 

We have customers who want to reconfigure spaces so not only will you do new projects, we will be doing a lot of reconfigures. 

Teach the team on proper spec checking a project.

Go to existing or new customers location to verify field requirements.

You may be asked to interview the customers.
You must be able to provide accurate plans, programming and specifications, to meet or exceed the client requirements.

You will need to be able to go to the customers site and present to customer with or without support.
You may need to deal with RFP’s from time to time.
Use our software to track time applied to the project.

Prepare installation drawings prior to project start.

Get to know our people and our story

Learn our manufacturers, our software and process.

Know what manufacturer products and how they should be applied to the project.

Value engineering a project when needed.

Keep up with the trends in the design and furniture world.


Fit into the culture we have within the company (have fun, work hard, give back)
Be part of our community in work and outside work
Be honest, work hard and finally feel at home.

Have five years’ experience in the furniture field. You need to have CET software knowledge. You need to have management experience or you can show us you have the ability to be a manager.


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