Journeyman Electrician

  • Portage, IN
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: IN87-2689696
To inspect, repair, replace, install, adjust and maintain all electrical equipment in assigned area. Makes mechanical repairs to cranes, and as otherwise required in connection with electrical service. Repair, install and wire electrical apparatus, devices and circuits.
Receives instructions and work orders covering the scheduled and emergency repair, installation and inspection work to be done
Works in a manner consistent with established safety standards
Observes and monitors safety conditions. Corrects hazards found at the time of observation. If not feasible, secures the area and communicates needs to the Maintenance Supervisor or appropriate person.
Inspects all electrical equipment in the assigned area, checking motor bearings, lubrication, commutation, excessive vibration, obvious signs of wear or need for adjustment, etc. When faulty operation is observed or pointed out by operating crews, diagnose trouble using testing equipment or own judgement based on general knowledge of electrical principles.
Determines the best way of making repairs to minimize interruption or production
Advises when immediate shut down of equipment is necessary to minimize damage, or when temporarily continued operation will have no harmful effects
Interpret and analyze drawings and wiring diagrams to locate and trace electrical circuits, to determine material and replacement needs, and to select logical approach to "trouble shooting" and repair problems
Uses HMI’s, Drive Displays, and PLC’s as troubleshooting tools.
Dismantle, clean, repair, replace, install, maintain, assemble, and lubricate electrical equipment taking all safety precautions.
Adjust equipment to obtain proper operating characteristics
Make either temporary or permanent repairs as required to equipment, such as main motor drives, generators, control panels, relays, interlocking control systems, electronic devices and circuit breakers.
Make electrical repairs on cranes. Assist with mechanical repairs as required in connection with the servicing of electrical equipment.
Performs simple rigging as required
Operates simple machine tools, such as drill press, power saw, conduit bender, etc
Works with repair crews as directed on emergency breakdowns.
Dismantles, inspects, repairs, adjusts or replaces faulty parts, and wiring on motors, generators, control panels, circuit breakers, rectifiers, etc. Replaces coils, resistors, rheostats, relays, pre-wired boards, etc.
Adjusts contactors, relays, bus riggings, etc. Reconnects terminal leads, panel boards and distribution feeders.
Installs conduit, fittings, switches, controls and fixtures, and wires from replacement units to switches. Make all required splices and connector joints
Operates cranes and mobile equipment as required in conjunction with repair functions.
Maintains performance and maintenance records on equipment and spares
Instruct and oversee the work completed and troubleshooting of equipment by lower level Electricians (Electrician I, II, and III).
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