Ford Automation Standard Template (FAST) PLC Controls Engineer

  • Avalon, WI
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: WI59-2691166

$1 to $122000 Per Year

This full-time, permanent Ford Automation Standard Template (FAST) Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) Engineer is at a smaller, growing automation machinery manufacturer that is on track to double sales in the next two years. COVID has not slowed them down and there is enough work to keep them busy for the next year. There is a tremendous spirit and great energy within the company. Many advancement opportunities will be available. Employees are valued and care about each other.


This is a new position due to growth. The duties and responsibilities of the successful candidate should include the following:

  • Managing and maintaining equipment
  • Less than 50% travel (specifically to Detroit for debugging, commissioning and overseeing automation equipment and machines)
  • Programming and commissioning machines
  • Helping customers get up to speed
  • Teaching/training and managing others
  • Reviewing other people's work 

The background of the successful candidate should include the following:

  • Two years or more years of experience working with Ford Automation Standard Template (FAST)
  • Four or more years of Siemens programming
  • Four or more years of automation programming
  • An interest in programming and commissioning machines
  • A desire to help others and not just sit and program
  • An ability to do less than 50% travel to Detroit
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