Senior Software Engineer

  • Woburn, MA
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: MA83-2688146

$90000 to $115000 Per Year

This is a FULLY REMOTE software engineer role within a major financial services firm. Role is within core technology group that is developing the platform software that pulls in financial portfolio data from millions of websites and aggregates it. Solving some really interesting problems with browser technology.

Looking for 2-3 years+ of software development experience combined with Javascript knowledge, and examples of situations where candidate has worked on novel problems related to browsers or web crawling and come up with novel solutions.

1) Javascript but NOT a front end person. This is backend work.
2) experience scraping data from websites. Web scraping, web crawler, web spider, site scripting, website data collection, html parson, html extraction, headless chrome, phantomjs. Ideal project would be someone who built a tool to scrape websites to access public data, for example.
3) BS in Computer Science or something very related.

Thoughts from the hiring manager: "I'd like to find some combination of 1problem solving, 2) JavaScript 3) Web crawling or 4) Headless Chrome. Also we're interested in someone who has experience working on scalable services. Maybe "micro service", "service oriented architecture" or similar phrases. We do a lot with browser technology.  We are scraping through websites.  We embed the Headless Chrome browser to achieve that.  And we need to achieve it at scale. We need to solve problems such as understanding how to automatically understand when a webpage is fully loaded.  And how do we understand if the Headless Chrome browser is running "too long" or consuming "too much" CPU or memory. The domain is really browser technology crossed with platform architecture to manage the browser.  Java is maybe 5% of what the candidate will really need to worry about.  We need someone who enjoys working on problems that no one knows how to solve."


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