Maintenance Technician - Automotive

  • Oxford, NC
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: NC107-2692492

Education and Experience:

  • Basic Education
  • Reading level - 12th grade equivalent
  • Math level - 12th grade equivalent
  • Language level - 12th grade equivalent
  • Operate in a safely and proficiently a wide variety of tools and instrumentation including but not limited to; voltage tester, amp meter, megger, hand tools, power tools, personal computers, etc. used in the performance of the job. Must become familiar with all equipment in the plant. Must learn to operate all machinery for troubleshooting purposes. Must demonstrate a working knowledge of trouble shooting techniques, decision making, handling stressful situations, interaction with others, repairing and replacing faulty systems, parts and equipment. Must initiate and implement correct actions to achieve high quality performance standards. Must demonstrate through written / hands-on testing through comprehension of three of the four following basic skills and have a working knowledge of the other skill area.
  • A) Mechanical - bearings, mechanical power transmission, chain drives, belt drives, gear drives, couplings, mechanical fasteners, packing and seals, pumps, conveyors, pipe fittings and valves, steam lines and traps, etc.
  • B) Hydraulic / Pneumatic - principles of hydraulic and pneumatic power, hydraulic fluids, piping and sealing, reservoirs, actuators, directional controls, servo valves, pressure controls, volume controls, pumps, motors, filtration, air compressors, etc.
  • C) Electrical - basic circuit laws, measurements and safety, circuit components, magnetism and electromagnetism, power distribution systems, AC power, capacitance, inductance, transformers, switchboards, motor control centers, busways, etc. Familiar with NEC codes and PLC knowledge is a plus
  • D) Electronics - programmable controllers, semiconductor devices, transducers, power supplies, junction transistors, amplifiers, open and closed loop controls, robotics, etc.
  • Leadership - is leader of people associated with the maintenance department. Must have knowledge of plant processing, sanitation and security procedures. Must work with and teach other mechanics so that they may become more knowledgeable and skilled.
  • Practice good work habits. Attitude reflects the company philosophy of doing your best, doing what is right, and treating others as you would like to be treated. Other considerations for this position require this individual participate in available and relevant training. Must also be willing to help coordinate activities of outside contractors and vendors.
  • Report’s and Reporting - Must provide system status and data reports for management personnel. Must keep accurate, concise records of all problem areas.
  • Materials or Products - Care and attention is necessary to insure equipment and machinery are capable to produce quality rubber products. Must be able to serve as a support and resource to various teams. Must also be able to provide support for specific approved trials.
  • Care of equipment - Care should be taken when starting, operating or stopping equipment to prevent damage to equipment. Must be able to promptly identify, correct, and report all system malfunctions through performing diagnostics and repairs to process machinery, equipment and controls through the application of advanced trouble-shooting skills that will result in maintenance of equipment to plant safety and housekeeping standards. Must perform preventive and predictive maintenance procedures on process machinery and plant equipment.
  • Communication - Responsible to communicate to maintenance team members, manufacturing team members, department supervisor/manager(s), contractors, vendors, customers, suppliers, etc. on issues in the areas of Safety, Quality, Production, Equipment, Process Methods, Housekeeping, etc..
  • Have a working knowledge of and follow the Quality Policy, Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions.
  • Perform, support and provide resources in the areas of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Critical Point checks on existing features.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Work in harmony with all employees in the organization and display this ability on an ongoing daily basis.


The above statements cover what are generally believed to be the principal and essential functions of this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require some people assigned to the job to perform a somewhat different combination of duties.


Working Conditions

Physical Effort - Moderate physical effort may be required when repairing or installing equipment. Individual can be exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of times. Occasion heavy lifting up to 120lbs.



Technical Knowledge:


Maintain technical competence in advancing technology via frequent training courses, on the job training, vendor schools, seminars, industry associations and publications.

  • Utilize all training provided and refer to manuals when necessary.
  • Need to have good mechanical aptitude and ability to do mathematical calculations, statistical knowledge and understand the principles of physics. Must be able to understand and trouble-shoot ladder logic.
  • Demonstrated experience in diagnosing and repairing electro-mechanical equipment.
  • Strong electrical background is preferred.  


Interpersonal Skills:

  • Must be able to communicate in a timely fashion to teammates
  • View as a leader among peers
  • Well-versed at handling high stress or demanding environments. Able to multi-task.
  • High principles of honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices.
  • Demonstrated training abilities.
  • Team player - team relations feedback is high.
  • Able to function well as a leader or member of a project team. Has multi-disciplinary team experience.
  • Dependable with good attendance. 
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