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Job Search Tip: Keep Your Mind Focused on the Job Search – it’s all about Timing

  • Feb 5, 2021
  •  Written by Ken
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Looking for new job opportunities when you have been pushed into a new job search can be quite a challenging task.  It is a job and focus is key when succeeding and securing a new position.

Like many worthwhile objectives you will need to work, and sometimes harder than ever before to stay on top of your job search.  But that should be viewed with optimism and the reward is a new job opportunity.    

Job searching will require opening as many means of contacts and communications as possible.  You already know the basics (see a few suggestions below) but be sure to start each day doing something non-computer related, or at least not job search related.  Read something inspiring upon waking up.  Find something fun you plan to do later after your job searching activities to get away from the intense job search.  That will give your mind a chance to refresh and re-energize.  

While job searching make strong use of the following:

  • Look at other resumes and get some new or creative ideas. Definitely have at least 3 different people take a look and ask for feedback!  Start out with the best possible Resume/Sales and Marketing tool about yourself first.  Make it Spot on- Awesome, with format and grammar perfect.
  • Contacts and contacting your LinkedIn colleagues and friend to alert them about your current job search.  You may be surprised how the power of the communication web spreads out and travels leading to new or unexpected opportunities.
  • Find Recruiters who know your industry and can often provide feedback on your resume and move your focus to what you are truly targeting for your job search.  They can also help you in grounding and positive mental attitude.
  • Of course, explore the job boards.
  • Reach out to family and friends and tell them, Hey, I’m actively conducting a job search in x,y,z, at X- level, and kindly keep me in mind.

Now, getting back to the tip of today:  Keeping your mind focused on the job search.

There are going to be many highs and some lows with your job search.  The most critical thing you can do for yourself is to stay positive.  At times that may be the hardest part of the job search.  Be confident and you will find a new opportunity.  During the job search don’t worry about how or when just keep focused and put in the work…. It will Happen.

Finally, focus, absolutely every day during the job search time commitment. Afterwards treat yourself to something!!  Whether it is a great book, some ice cream, or a walk with your dog, 

Stay focused on your treat time or your me time.

You will be amazed at how it will rejuvenate and give you the strength, energy and adrenaline.

Make this job search a win-win! 


Guest Writer and HR professional


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