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Common Job Search Mistakes

  • Nov 6, 2020
  • ¬†Written by Ken
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Many times job search mistakes are derived from everyday habits of the job searcher. Such as grammatical errors, dated resume format, or just forgetting to do the simple things such as identify your employers industry on the resume. Do you really want the reader of your resume to stop reading your resume because they cannot determine the industry category of your employers?

Be a positive communicator and work with the recruiter who has reached out to you. They may or may not have polished skills but they do have what you don’t have – and that is a potential job offer.

Being honest and direct will serve you well. That does not mean you have to tell everything with the initial contact.

If the recruiter is an external recruiter the per-qualifying process will be much more involved and time consuming. If you are speaking and working with an internal recruiter who is an employee of the hiring company then they many not be as complete with their per-qualifying process. However, consider yourself luck if you submitted to a large company direct and they replied. Large companies get overwhelmed with so many unwanted resumes. Many times your resume may not get looked at for a period of time or just mis-placed in a large pool of resumes.

For more this video may provide some good insights.

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