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Pivot don’t Panic When Job Searching

  • Dec 16, 2020
  •  Written by Ken
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How to job search in an ever changing economic environment

This year has presented many challenges in identifying the opportunities in front of you and the barriers ahead.

Consider that each time our economy has been challenged by a natural or man-made event, adjustments are made, lessons are learned, and new ideas are cultivated by every day entrepreneurs who are possibly your neighbors and/or friends.

As business owners are pivoting to address the new normal, so should job seekers. Business owners are evaluating how they are currently reaching their customers and what tools are needed to improve that relationship and their product. Along with that line of thought, certain jobs are no longer necessary and new job roles need to be filled. Many business owners are even selling their buildings to have a more virtual and/or work from home work culture.

Job seekers should not panic but pivot as well. Look for opportunities to enhance your skill set and knowledge to be more versatile. Many are focused on the technical which is very important. However, don’t forget about employers’ needs, which include having someone who can successfully communicate with colleagues and customers and, most importantly, build relationships. The idea of pivoting does not necessarily mean two more years of college and $20,000 more in debt. Consider online resources, books, and other sources that can provide you with additional skills. Even taking an abbreviated class online or training and/or mentoring session via Skype can add value. After you have completed an abbreviated course and/or mentoring session, continue growing your skill set on your own. Recently, one of my vendors disclosed to me that, after his day job, he also teaches an information technology class on coding.

Change always brings new opportunities for those who focus on the positive, look for new avenues, additional outlets, and other resources. Economies are constantly changing, and learning is a key part of change. Commit to staying calm and assertive while moving forward and making efforts to pivot when necessary. Do not panic.

In the willingness to fail, the extraordinary will often appear!!!

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