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My Job Search Today

  • May 8, 2014
  •  Written by Ken
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I learned in my job search today that my salary is above average.

Are you debating taking a job with a lower salary? You are not alone.

Many are finding new norms regarding pre-recession and post-recession salaries.

What is most important at this point – money, benefits, title, location, responsibilities?

Many are looking at another side of the equation, but this is not a one size fits all.

Add these questions to your list as you evaluate the job opportunity:

  • Does this job have synergy with who I am and what I do?
  • Is this job a productive problem solving environment that challenges me?
  • Does this job offer an engaging intellectual culture for my growth?
  • Is this job environment a cultural fit that aligns with my values and behaviors?
  • Do these things prompt me to thrive more than title or salary?

My job search today “pre-recession and post-recession salaries” – Notes on a Napkin


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