Mechanical Automation Design Engineer

  • Northvale, NJ
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: IN09-2690017

Mechanical Automation Design Engineer

  • 5+ years experience using Solid Works is required for this position
  • 5+ years of Mechanical Engineering experience is require
  • Mechanical Engineering degree is require
  • This candidate will be supervising the assembly process, speaking with customers, and designing mechanical components
  • Responsible for the manufacturing process
  • Required to design, plan, develop, and run automotive or automating systems and ensure that these systems work at peak efficiency all the times.
  • Troubleshoot the problems which arise in the systems and make sure that they are back in proper working order asap
  • Participate in a test automation tool selection process for an automated component testing
  • Create technology which helps to monitor the production as well as the delivery of certain products or services
  • Responsible for designing related duties and design specifications etc.
  • Key responsibility of identifying the possible problems which can arise in the systems in the future and try to make changes that can help reduce this possibility
  • Test automated machinery and processes


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