Automation Technician

  • Pontiac, MI
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: MA82-2698087

$45000 to $65000 Per Hour


Provide production support by performing setup, troubleshooting, and operations of automated welding cells within a production facility, as well as implementing best practices and proactively assess welding/robotic applications, as well as mentor Junior Automation Technician team members.



Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


  • Follow all safety procedures and protocols while servicing or maintaining equipment
  • Mentor Junior Automation Technician members as well as Weld Technicians
  • Ability to execute with proficiency all duties and responsibilities requirements of Automation technician II
  • High level of craftsmanship and pride in work
  • Prioritize tasks within the facility relating to weld-process troubleshooting and set-up coordinated with production
  • Demonstrate advanced level proficiency in troubleshooting using electrical / mechanical prints
  • Perform, train and critique equipment preventative maintenance
  • Plex utilization (downtime codes, note entry, documentation, locating part listings/prints, etc.)
  • Use electrical system knowledge and electrical schematics / prints to troubleshoot electrical components and circuits (Connecting circuit breakers, transformers, or other components in a junction box or panel): Advanced level
    • Wiring harnesses
    • Drive systems
    • Relays
    • Boards
    • Motors
  • Modify and perform intermediate programming tasks of robots in all robotic applications
    • Basic offline programming
    • TCP verification
  • Advanced weld troubleshooting for all welding applications (drawn arc, GMAW, resistance welding, projection welding, Pneumatic systems, etc.)
  • Troubleshoot and adjust weld fixtures
  • Use the following equipment safely: Advanced level
    • Hand measuring tools (Calipers)
    • Multi meters
    • Amp meters
    • Welding current meter
    • Digital force gauge
    • Micro-Ohm meter
  • Fixture adjustments – minor shim moves on processes based off of manufacture details (with guidance from a Senior Auto Technician or Weld Maintenance Mechanics)
  • understanding of shimming processes
  • Basic understanding of hydraulic systems (process, functions, etc.)
  • Setup and troubleshoot Poke Yoke systems and applications
  • Advanced troubleshooting of pneumatic systems
    • Setting/ adjusting pressure
    • Troubleshoot cylinders / valve banks
    • Replace cylinders or faulty equipment
  • Troubleshoot equipment communication issues: Intermediate level
    • Ethernet/IP
    • DeviceNet
    • Remote I/O
  • Automation Technician must demonstrate competency in one (1) of the below specialties;


  • Controls:
    • PLC Programming

      o Basic PLC programming (add sensor & change sequence)

      o Strong understanding of ladder logic and intermediate level ability to troubleshoot issues through a PLC

      o Program Panel View (HMI)

      o Troubleshoot/ Setup I/O blocks

      o Search, cross reference, and edit a program

    • Troubleshoot HMI system

      o Load program

      o Replace components (i.e., logical module, screen, etc.)

      o Replace system, set IP address, set system name

      • Troubleshoot Valve Stacks


  • Robotics:
    • Advanced robot programming methods

      o Load ID

      o Gun Tuning

      o Adding system components (i.e., add valves/ I/O blocks)

      o Program robot offline (write routines)

      o Setup / troubleshoot issues with tool changers

      o Setup / troubleshoot issues with external axes

      o TCP creation and verification (experience with ABB BullsEye system is a plus)

      o Creating offset positions

      o Replace motors, resolvers, serial pulse coders


  • Welding
    • Advanced Weld Troubleshooting

      o If needed, rebuild or reload schedules. Make changes as directed by Weld Engineers using RAFT

      o Emhart DA schedule changes as directed by Weld Engineers

      o Conduct preventive maintenance activities on specialty equipment

      o MIG weld schedule changes as directed by Weld Engineers

      o Cap / Electrode studies and weld validation

      o Calibrate squeeze force on spot weld guns

      o Troubleshoot Drawn Arc Stud Welding issues as well as basic programming

      o Troubleshoot/ setup projection welds

      o Working knowledge of Miyachi Weld Tester

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