CNC Metal Machine Operator

  • Brown Deer, WI
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: WI59-2690378

$1 to $43000 Per Year

This full-time, permanent CNC Metal Machine Operator career opportunity is at a financially stable, employee-owned company that created their dynamic industry. The company gifts employees company stock. An annual discretionary bonus and a 401k Plan (usually a discretionary contribution in addition to a match) are provided.


The work is interesting, challenging and not tedious as every machine manufactured is custom. Projects are unique and interesting. The duties and responsibilities of the successful candidate will include the following:

  • Reading blueprints
  • Setting up and operating a CNC machine
  • Metal machine operations to meet customer needs and deadlines
  • Making accurate measurements  
  • Prioritizing safety
  • Optimizing the use of metal materials
  • Organizing and utilizing scrap metal materials


The successful candidates' backgrounds should include:

  • Two or more years of CNC machine set up experience
  • Two or more years of CNC machine operation experience
  • Two or more years of blueprint reading experience
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