Sanitation Manager

  • Louisville, KY
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: MT05-2690444

$80000 to $95000 Per Year

  • The Sanitation Manager is accountable for the daily sanitation processes, budget management, and team members for an entire facility. This individual will complete various tasks prior to, during, and after the sanitation shift. The Sanitation Manager will ensure the crew is working safely yet efficiently and will accompany food safety/quality control personnel for the plant each morning for inspections.
  • Conduct group or individual training for new team members.
  • Issue new or replacement PPE to team members as necessary.
  • Communicate any and all sanitation needs or unusual situations to team prior to starting the shift.
  • Perform inspections of the equipment that is cleaned and sanitized by the crew. These inspections will be performed before, during, and after the sanitation steps are concluded.
  • Handle all aspects of admin such has hiring, terminations, payroll, scheduling, plant documentation, training logs, master sanitation schedules, etc.
  • Attend regular business reviews as representative for Fayette.
  • Maintain a constant line of communication with customers’ management team with regard to sanitation operations.
  • Align floor staffing in a manner that will ensure a timely sanitation process and adjust staffing to accommodate short crews or light days.
  • Maintain accurate records of sanitation processes, deficiencies, written disciplinary forms, etc.
  • Ability and willingness to perform any and all tasks to complete the sanitation process- lead by example.
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