CMM PC-DMIS Calypso Programmer

  • Big Bend, WI
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: WI59-2687516

$1 to $55000 Per Year

This stable, established, growing, high-precision manufacturing company is looking to hire a full time, permanent CMM PC-DMIS Calypso Programmer for first Shift. Because their products are used by the military and the aerospace industry, the quality needs to be at a higher level than at other manufacturers. Employees like coming to work and have a lot of pride in producing a high quality, superior product. Because quality is such a high focus, the company really supports employees mastering their skills and growing their careers.
The successful candidate's duties and responsibilities will encompass the following:
  • Helping write programs
  • Utilizing CMM's to be the most efficient
  • Interacting with quality and engineering
  • Reading blueprints
  • Documenting
  • Meeting safety and quality requirements
The successful candidate will have the following background:
  • Two years of CMM (coordinate measuring machine) programming experience
  • Two years of blueprint reading experience
  • An ability to identify Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) symbols
  • Two years of optical comparator, micrometers, indicators, calipers and height gage experience
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