Tool & Die Maker

  • York, PA
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: OH182-2689653

$25 to $32 Per Hour

Tool & Die Maker – 2nd & 3rd Shift

York, PA


  • Completes all assignments to construct, modify, and condition multi-station metal working dies, and will fabricate new gauges, cutting and forming tools, and fixtures, applying knowledge of tool and die design and construction to machining, layout, assembly and conditioning procedures.
  • Lays out work assignments of all complexity levels utilizing verbal instructions, rough sketches, tooling and product prints and visualizes product.
  • Computes dimensions, establishes reference points, center lines and guidelines on tooling and       product and measures, marks and scribes metal stock for machining purposes.
  • Determines necessary machine operations and set-up and operates machine tools such as lathe, milling machine, grinder, to machine parts and verifies conformance of machined parts to specifications.
  • Fits and assembles component parts into completed unit on mechanism and verifies dimensions, alignment and clearance. File, stones, grinds, scrapes or performs other smoothing or blending operations to enable parts to fit properly.  May use shims to correct improper fit and alignment parts.
  • Sets die in press and trial runs to assure proper clearance under pressure and to check for binding. Check and inspect completed stamped parts for adherence to engineering specifications.
  • Analyzes and corrects complex tool malfunctioning in newly constructed or modified dies, verifying dimensions, alignments, clearances, making any adjustments or corrections to die or die parts to rectify tolerance deviations occurring in the stamped product.
  • Recommends changes in tooling design under general approval of engineering to improve such factors as life, quality, and quantity of tooling and product while conditioning die to prevent breakage of small and intricate die tooling or eliminating design problems.
  • Utilizes toolmakers hand tools and all related hand tools.
  • Utilizes precision measuring instruments such as height gauge, gauge block. Dial indicator, toolmakers microscope and micrometer to ensure parts to proper specification and to check over die assembly to ensure that each station is in correct position.
  • Heat treat to harden, stress relieve and anneal tool steel and case harden machine steel, if needed.
  • As required provides instruction and training to apprentices and trainees and employees in lesser classifications.
  • Performs other duties and assignments as directed by supervisor.


  • Journeyman in Tool & Die
  • High school education or equivalent
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