Chemical Process R&D Engineer

  • Seattle, WA
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: IL105-2689446


This is a rare opportunity to come on-board with a well-developed start-up company that is looking to create a new product group that will build on a successful technology that they have already developed (green energy field). After an initial period of getting up to speed on the specific technology they are looking at, you will take the reins of a new group, leading a small team in the development of prototypes with the eventual goal of developing a demonstration-scale system within 12-18 months. In support of those efforts will be a budget north or $1MM, the autonomy to procure materials and instrumentation, and the benefit of the substantial intellectual horsepower that this company has already assembled.



As with any start-up there is certainly risk involved, but the payoff potential is also significant. With a product that has already been developed and is now being commercialized, there is significant momentum behind this company. For this role – depending on the person, this could become a technical management position. For the company, if they go public or are sold, the stock options that are part of the compensation package have the potential to be very lucrative.



  • B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or Mechanical Engineering
  • 8+ years of post-college, industry experience in a corporate R&D setting or start-up setting. Previous start-up experience would be a big plus.
  • Must have experience with high-temperature reaction processes, such as fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC), hydrocracking, thermal cracking, gasification, syngas, etc.
  • Must have chemical reactor design experience and have demonstrated skills in performing the calculations that inform reactor design such as chemical reactor rates, fluid dynamics, heat and mass balance.
  • Must have experience with scale-up, ideally from lab to pilot scale.
  • Must possess superior written and verbal communication skills and possess a high-level of self-motivation, independence, and drive.


At the beginning, this role will likely be remote – but there will be an eventual expectation of someone being based in the city where this company is located.

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