Die Mechanic

  • York, PA
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: OH182-2689654

$22 to $28 Per Hour

DIE MECHANIC - 2nd OR 3rd Shift

York, PA



  • Replaces, repairs die parts to bring parts within tolerance standards.
  • Able to work on a wider variety of dies with some of the more complex and more extensive, tighter tolerance product lines
  • Acts as first line contact with die problems brought to his/her attention by press operators and inspectors for material being produced by the die that is out of tolerance specifications or contains some basic defect such as burrs, scratches, springing, etc. that will not pass quality standards.
  • Reviews part and/or stamped strip progression to trace and locate area causing problem tracing defect beyond the visual point down thru the strip and the various tooling to the tool or area that is actually causing the problem.
  • Determines procedures necessary to correct the problem considering the overall effect of changing or replacing a particular tool on the remaining tooling.
  • May pull and replace tooling such as piercing punches, slotting punches, guide pins, forming and closing stations, flattening stations, stamps, etc., measuring parts removed and new part to be able to shim tooling to specified dimensions.
  • May work with Engineering or Tool & Die Maker to align top and bottom sections of die to print specifications maintaining die level, aligns profile clearances and understand complex forming stations to eliminate material spring back.
  • Polishes die parts and fits to mating die parts, breaking corners with stone and polishes to remove excess material to remove hairline burrs, remove scratches or rub marks and similar operations to bring parts into quality limits.
  • Utilizes various inspection instruments to check tolerances of parts, micrometer, ring and plug gauges and similar gauges.
  • Sets up die, obtains die from die storage, removes present die from press and installs new die, Adjusts feed mechanism for size stock being utilized and proper die lead, changes de-reeler for type material, pancake or spool. Places oil lines for die in proper location and if and when operation requires, attach milling or swaging devices.
  • As required and when die is in press will make die change over to permit changing tooling to another part number.
  • May work with Engineering or Tool and Die personnel on new and complex dies where conditioning has not been completed or tooling has not been completely proven for production.
  • Performs other duties and assignments as directed by supervisor.


  • High school education or equivalent
  • 5 year minimum of progressive die stamping experience
5+ years of experience in die repair
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