Electrical Electronics Designing Engineer

  • Mc Farland, WI
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: WI59-2688810

$1 to $88000 Per Year

This full time, permanent Electrical Electronics Designing Engineer opening is at the world's leading manufacturer in their industry. The company owns their market share, which is a niche area. They have the dominant market-share in North America. They have a significant market share around the rest of the world. Benefits are great and pay is very competitive. The owners of the company have been around a very long time. They are a small, stable, privately-held, flexible company. They have a very flexible environment for people who are willing to work hard and don't get pigeon-holed in a narrow field. Employees have a big impact on products. The company values employees and believes in supporting employee skill growth. The company hires employees that communicate well and are passionate about engineering. The duties and responsibilities of the successful candidate are as follows:
  • Learning electrical products
  • Analyzing and designing circuits
  • Prototyping
  • Field testing
  • Lab testing
  • Documenting
  • Communicating verbally and in writing
The successful candidate should have the following:
  • A four year electrical engineering or electronics engineering degree with related internship experience 
  • Two or more years (including internship experience) of electrical engineering or electronics engineering experience
  • Exceptional communication and documentation skills
  • A well written, thoughtful resume that showcases exceptional written communication skills
  • A passion for engineering
  • A strong work ethic
  • Ability to learn a large amount of new material
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