Product Design Engineer 3

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Direct Hire
  • Job ID: MD40-2689991
Product Design Engineer 3 Atlanta GA

Design, plan, and supervise; develop and implement improved ways to extract, process, and use raw materials; develop new materials that both improve the performance of products and take advantage of advances in technology; analyze the impact of the products they develop or the systems they design on the environment and on people using them; determine the causes of breakdowns; test manufactured products to maintain quality; estimate the time and cost to complete projects.
Job Responsibilities:
Repairing and maintaining of precision instruments and or processes that requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. Generally specialize or devoted to a specific craft or occupation. Create 3D models and fully detailed 2D drawings in support of assigned vehicle subassemblies and installations. Prepare engineering release documentation that defines part number, effectivity and usage. Participate as working-level member of individual vehicle cross functional team to ensure a quality product is developed on schedule within prescribed cost.
Education / Experience:
Other Required Skills:6-8 years experience with a BS Mechanical Engineering, BS Product Design, or 15-20 years equivalent experience
Preferred Skills: Ability to visualize and plan multiple technical assignments 1-6 months out into future. Ability to conceive countermeasure plans for technical challenges.
Physical Requirements: Minimum 2 years experience preferred (will consider college hire)
Additional Requirements: Ability to CAD model and hand sketch routine ideas in 3D space
Primary domain: Product Development
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