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How to get a Recruiters Attention

  • Feb 25, 2016
  •  Written by Ken
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How to get a Recruiter Interested in Your Resume 


You see what you think is the perfect job and submit. Here are the next questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Did I modify my resume to speak to the requirements of the job?
  2. Did I use similar verbiage on my resume that the employer and their job description is using? Are we speaking the same language?



Take the time to focus on the important words that make the job description unique. Dial in on what their job description is trying to solve with this hire. Now modify your resume to speak to their specific goals and requirements.

After I submit I call the listing recruiter to proclaim my perfect existence related to this job description.

Here are the next questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Did I confirm that I am speaking to the contact recruiter or his colleague?
  2. When I spoke to the recruiter or left a message did I make the mistake of only referring to my resume talking points and not addressing the alignment or the job description with my knowledge and skill-set?


Confirm who is working the job and who you are speaking to and what their role is.

When proclaiming that you are the perfect fit, do not use resume talking points. The recruiter wants to hear how you can solve the problem(s) and meet the requirements related to the job description.

Your resume talking points will not answer their immediate questions. Speak about the job description needs and fill in the answers with your experience, knowledge, and skill-set.

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