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How to Carry Success with you to the next Job

  • Dec 14, 2020
  • ¬†Written by Ken
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Be sure the relationship with your current boss is second to none. That relationship will drive your success either up, stable, or down.

Work hard to engender trust with co-workers by keeping communication flowing.

Some issues will work out on their own. Let time be your friend before you lose a friend.

If you need to take a stand, pick your battles and make sure it is important to you and others.

Share the credit so others can grow.

Don’t allow walls to build. If needed, bring in a person to help bridge those gaps in order to continue being productive and cultivating team work.

At times you will face those who are dishonest, and they would rather cheat or lie than work hard. Some want to cheat, because they cannot compete. Find a way to work around them, or they can be a constant drain on your personal energy and creativity.

Creating a track record and a road map of trust, confidence, and team work is an investment of success that will get to your next job even before you arrive.

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