QA Manager – Compliance

Cleveland, OH
$100,000 – $140,000
Aug 24, 2016

Job Description

Responsible for supervising the activities of MQA Specialists. Ensures accurate and timely certification of manufacturing batch record documentation. Ensures performance of audits and SOP/GMP compliance at the manufacturing facility. Performs investigations as required to ensure product quality. Performs analysis on quality indicating data and makes recommendations for improvement.

Key Responsibilities

  • Supervises daily activities of MQA Specialists. Assures job objectives are met on a timely basis
  • Updates and procures approval of job descriptions for department personnel.
    Performs and oversees the training of personnel. Effectively hires,
    develops, councils, manages and motivates staff. Writes and administers
    performance appraisals for department personnel.
  • Assures standard operating procedures (SOPs) define the steps necessary to complete tasks. Writes review and updates SOPs.
  • Assures timely execution of batch record certification function. Follow up with
    department management to ensure corrective action is implemented.
  • Supports metrics for the facility. Collects, maintains, trends, and analyzes data.
  • Develops systems to facilitate timely finished product disposition. Perform
    investigations as required. Follows up to ensure corrective action as
    implemented. Initiates/supports management meetings/projects to
    facilitate timely product disposition.
  • Addresses daily quality concerns and questions. Offers recommendations as required. Performs investigations as necessary.
  • Troubleshoots manufacturing problems and quality issues. Works with operations
    personnel to investigate, collect, and analyze data for, resolve and
    implement corrective action. Contacts supplier and/or outside laboratory
    for investigational support.
  • Maintains knowledge of current GMPs and regulatory guidelines.
  • Performs supplemental investigations and determines impact or product disposition




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Plant Manager

Job Code (02386793)

Location: Mishawaka, IN

Salary: $110,000.00 – $120,000.00

Full Benefits: Yes

Interview Exp: Yes

Relo Exp: Yes


Industries: AUTOMOTVE



Job Description



**Stamping Experience Required**




Our customer is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive components. This world class firm designs, develops and manufactures a broad range of products for both the OEM and aftermarket segments. This company is offering great compensation, benefits packages and substantial future career growth


Plant Manager Summary:


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Continuous Improvement Manager 

Lansing, MI

Salary $90,000 – $110,000



Jul 21, 2016


To manage, set direction, implement, facilitate and administer the Continuous Improvement /Lean Manufacturing program and culture, policies and initiatives at the plant.  Primary focus will be involving all employees into the continuous improvement program utilizing Lean Manufacturing methods and process improvement strategies through adequate interactivity and alignment with global management.


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Continuous Improvement Director



Location: Jackson, MI

$180,000 – $210,000



Jul 15, 2016

Continuous Improvement Director Summary:
The Continuous Improvement Director will be responsible for leading lean initiatives, implementing Lean/CI systems and delivering continuous improvement training programs. They will plan, organize, conduct, and follow up Kaizen events which lead to the establishment of Lean Systems throughout the organization. They will create a sense of urgency about the CI process and its outcome.

Continuous Improvement Director Responsibilities:


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5 jobs that pay $100K without an advanced degree

The $100,000 per year mark signifies a position of importance, status and higher-level skills. Most people look at a six-figure salary as something that’s unattainable by just your average Joe or Jane.

Why? Well, according to data published by Bankrate, only one in five households — 20% — earn at least six figures. And some of these households have two earners combining their incomes.

There are relatively few jobs that pay at least $100,000, and many require some sort of advanced degree, such as medical or law.

But, there are several jobs that pay six figures without that degree, and you may be surprised to see just how much money you can make in some of these positions.

Using Labor Statistics data, we’ve created a list of jobs that pay six figures and are attainable if you have a bachelor’s degree or less.

  1. Consultants

Are you a natural problem solver? Well, consultants, or management analysts, work with businesses to find ways to help them operate more efficiently. As of 2012, there were 718,700 consultants employed in the U.S., and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates big growth in this occupation between 2012 and 2022. Another 134,000 or so positions should become available during that time period.


  • Median salary: $79,870 (average salary is about $90,000)


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