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Automotive Engineering Senior Manager Michigan Jobs

  • Sep 9, 2016
  •  Written by Ken
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Automotive Engineering Senior Manager

Oak Park, MI

$120,000 – $180,000


Sep 05, 2016

This is a very unusual and very exciting new position that we have just received. The client is a European manufacturer of specialty off road and construction vehicles used throughout Europe. They take stripped down chassis/powertrain units and join them to specialty cabs for customers all over Europe for many different applications. They have decided that it is in their best interests to purchase the components for the stripped down chassis/powertrain units in the US, and then assemble them here, and then ship the unit to Europe. They are looking for the “first American” in their company who will be their “guiding light” in terms of what to buy and where to buy the components for these units, and then build and lead a facility and hire people to assemble these units. The company is very successful in Europe, but knows that the components that they need are better and cheaper here in the States–They need someone who has extensive engineering background, both to include powertrain components and the assembly of them. See description below for more details.

The Powertrain Assembly Engineer shall be responsible for technical realization of up building the vehicle from the stripped down chassis.  The role will answer directly senior management who will quantify the amount to be produced and the timeline that the vehicles are needed.
Given that the main role of the Powertrain Assembly Engineer is to build the vehicle the candidate needs to have established connections within the Automotive industry.

The ability to train and supervise employees on the factory line. The candidate will in effect be the supervisor of the facility.
The work is to be performed at in assembly plant environment. We are looking for a candidate who possesses considerable amount of creativity and initiative and expresses a high level of independent judgment.
Desired Skills:


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