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Applications Manager Director Durham NC Jobs

  • Feb 3, 2017
  •  Written by Ken
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Applications Manager Director


New job!

FOCUS: Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices in power conversion systems

Location Durham, NC


$165,000 – $185,000



Feb 03, 2017


·        You will be responsible for managing several teams of globally dispersed engineers and technicians to develop technical collateral to support the adoption of Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices in power conversion systems.

·        This includes system architecture study, developing reference designs, performing comparative case studies and direct customer technical support to help sales win design sockets for SiC products.

·        A successful candidate will have a strong understanding of the selling process and experience directly supporting customers with technical product specifications, product selection, system design, reliability, quality and manufacturing process.

·        This position requires interaction with customers at all levels of power system design/development, components quality engineering, procurement and general management.



·        Provide technical support to FAE’s and technical marketing groups.

·        Lead technical discussions with customers in Asia.

·        Develop and document reference designs for power converters using SiC devices.

·        Participate in new device development

·        Provide technical training for sales or distributors.

·        Lead and manage a growing power applications team dispersed globally.

·        Perform other miscellaneous duties as required or requested from time to time.

·        Requirements:

·        10+ years in the design and development of power conversion systems.



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