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How to Prepare for the Second Job Interview

  • Apr 14, 2016
  •  Written by Ken
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So, you’ve passed your screening interview with flying colors.


Now you’re dreading what comes next…

A second interview is usually the final step in obtaining a job offer – at this point, you might even have a 50% possibility of getting the position you aim for.

Before you head off to your second interview, there are several things you should know:

Two purposes:

In general, the second interview serves two purposes for the hiring company:

Identifying specific qualities and competences – while the first interview serves as a glimpse into your professional standing, the second one is used to determine whether your specific skills match the requirements of what they’re looking for in new employees.

Seeing whether you’ll fit into the company – employers like to test their prospective employees directly in the context of the company. This way they can observe how you get along with other workers and see whether you’re a good fit with their company culture.

What should you expect?

These are some of the typical things that happen


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